How to save money on your printing material ?

How to Save Money on Your Printing Needs

Despite the advances that computers have brought, business is still, in many ways, run on paper. Data that must be archived is often printed, and formal business conversations still take place through letters. In addition, many businesses must print invoices and advertising material. There are, however, some ways to cut back on a company\\\'s printing costs. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Reduce Paper Used for Intra-Office Communication

Many businesses still use more paper than is necessary for communication within the office. There are some advantages to using paper in the office, and managers often prefer to print memos and other documents. With the ubiquity of smart phones, however, the usefulness of this practice is starting to fade. Email is often sufficient for use in the office, and new electronic communication techniques may work as well. iPhones and Android devices have business apps that can eliminate a company\\\'s need for paper. Companies can now find substantial savings by using these electronic communication techniques while retaining the portability of printed documents.

Switch to Online Billing

A number of electronic billing platforms have come online in recent years. Many business managers think that online billing requires custom software, but being present online can help businesses operate at a price less than the cost of billing through paper. Businesses can offer incentives to customers who switch to online billing to better reap the rewards of these services. These providers also sometimes offer affordable credit card gateways that can allow a business to offer its customers additional payment methods.

Reconsider Advertising Techniques

With the continuing growth of the Internet, companies may be able to see better returns by moving some of their advertising budget online. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has matured significantly, and many businesses see a much better return on their PPC campaigns than through printed material. Additionally, the growth of social media presents a number of advertising opportunities for companies to consider. The entry cost to online advertising is low, and businesses can try small campaigns before fully committing to online advertising.

Purchase New Printers

Growing businesses sometimes fail to calculate how much they can save by switching to newer, more efficient printers, and many stick with ink-jet printers far longer than they should. By investing in commercial laser printers, businesses can reduce the cost of each page they print, and these savings often cover the cost of the new printing far sooner than many businesses imagine. Further, some companies do not consider the electrical cost of printing; new printers use significantly less electricity than those of the past.

Outsource Printing Needs

Companies that print large volumes of data can often save money by using the services of a commercial printing company. For companies that print to archive data, these large print jobs often cost less when done by professionals. The printers used by these companies are far more efficient than normal business printers, and their cost savings are often passed on to the business. They may also offer collation services that would otherwise require employee time.

The age of the truly paperless office has not yet arrived, but businesses continue to print less every year. Using new technologies and better equipment, offices can reduce their printing budgets substantially over time.


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